Puppies mature much, much faster than humans. So if you want a well-trained companion, you need to start early and train often. Time is of the essence. I know there is a great debate over keeping your puppy isolated for the first 16 weeks of their life -  but this is a critical period in their socialization & learning skills that will determine his/her behavior for life. One reason owners isolate their puppies is the fear of infectious diseases such as Parvo. I have a whole article devoted to debunking the Parvo myths. It will give you the hard facts that will dispel the hyped-up propaganda.

The simple fact of the matter is you need to start training NOW! It's easier to create good habits than break bad ones. And if you wait to train - especially if a puppy develops a problem - like barking excessively, nipping, biting, chewing, digging etc... – is going to take more time to remedy the problem which will end up costing you tons of money and your precious time. This can be how “Separation Anxiety” is “created!”

Puppies are a big commitment and come with huge issues for new owners. Your whole world is turned upside down just like bringing home your first newborn baby. That’s why I've linked several articles to help you overcome the struggles of becoming a new puppy parent, so you can enjoy the wonderful qualities of puppyhood. Let us help you to minimize and overcome these issues and enjoy your new puppy. Our puppy class is absolutely the most comprehensive, interactive and personalized class you will find. There is no one who has trained more puppies to be healthy, happy great citizens than James at Bay Area Family K-9 Training. 

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