Board and Train

We know your schedule is busy, you're rushing around 20 hours a day trying to get everything done and in order. At the end of the day you're tired and you want to enjoy your companion and friend but he/she hasn't been out all day and needs extra attention. He/she needs proper training - something you do not have the time or energy to do. That’s why we are here! We offer a couple of different Board-and-Train options that are designed to make your life easier.

Our Board and Train Programs include food, equipment, supplies and Private Classes! There are NO surprises! The program may run shorter or longer depending on the dog. We do NOT charge extra for this!

OPTION 1: By the Week


This option is fully customizable to fit your time and budget. We are experts at making the right fit for you and your family’s needs. We will incorporate the necessary amount of private classes to go accordingly with what we have taught your doggie. 

OPTION 2: 3-5 week Full Service

You leave your dog with us for 3-5 weeks and we will run your dog through an intensive training program that covers Obedience 1 all the way up to obedience 3. Your dog will learn all the basics - sit, heel, stay, down, come - PLUS more advanced commands including: Stay (for a duration of time with distractions(“good”), Leave it (“no”), Off-leash Obedience, Go to place (“touch”), rest, finish, commands out of motion and much more! He/she will obey all of these commands with distractions as well!


If you're a dog parent that has to work during the day you can drop your dog off for daycare & training. That way he/she gets playtime with other dogs - which is wonderful for building your dog's socialization skills - as well as expertise training. You come home each night (we offer drop off and pick up service) and your dog is happy and learning new training concepts. You'll start to see and improvement in the very first week! Again we'll run your dog from the basics all the way through Obedience 3 depending on which program you sign up for.

Your dog will be returned to you fully trained and behaved like never before!

With all programs your dog will be taken on daily outings where they can participate in socialization and obedience training in real-life settings with realistic distractions. They will be with dogs of all ages - from unpredictable young pups to the slow-moving elderly. We will also expose your dog to all different temperaments and sizes of dogs. The goal is to make sure your dog is behaviorally stable and build positive experiences in the real world. 


That is great your dog is now trained! And listens to us here at Bay Area Family K-9 Training. But what about you and your family? Will they listen?

The answer is ABSOLUTELY! Guaranteed!

Once your dog is returned, we don’t simply wash our hands like many other programs do. This among other reasons is why many board-and-train services are successful for only a short period of time. There's no follow-up to make sure lessons learned have really sunk in. That follow-up is extremely important to teach you the “Dog” language that your dog has learned while boarding with us. That's why we give you up to 8 private sessions after we return your dog as part of the package. 

We are so confident that our training will work for your dog that we guarantee it for the LIFE of your dog. But in the off chance your dog won’t obey any commands we have taught them, you can bring your dog back in for a "refresher" at no charge.

When your dog has completed the program he or she will receive a Certificate of Completion from Bay Area Family K9 Training.

*prices adjusted accordingly