Communicating with your dog.

The secret to training your dog is communicating clearly to the dog what you would like them to do, in their language. Once they understand what you want, they are happy to obey! We use positive reinforcement to train our dogs to learn. This is NOT to say they will continue to need food throughout their lives to obey commands. We use food for all puppies so by time they are 6 months old and move on to our Obedience 1 class, we are ready to start getting away from food reinforcement. We NEVER use food as a bribe! This is where in-experienced trainers make mistakes. We always use food as a reward! This is a concept a lot of people just don't understand. I prove this concept time after time with my dogs in demonstration after demonstration using no food and no collars.

There are 3 keys to training a dog

1. You must find the right training system to follow. At Bay Area Family K9, we use our very own H12.11 Method. This method is comprised of a series of specific exercises, taught in a specific order, taught in a specific way. These exercises are the key to communicating with your dog and a lifetime of enjoyment with them.

2. You need to see it working for others. This will give you the confidence you need to follow the system. We boast a 100% success rate with the dogs that use the H12.11 system.

3. Educating each owner in how their dog learns, thinks, and reacts. In order to communicate with the dog you must understand how they learn, think, and react. We believe there are very few truly aggressive dogs. There are, however, lots of untrained dogs that can get into aggressive states. The most important thing is to understand your animal and what you are telling them as well as what they are telling you. 

We Teach you How to Speak "Dog"

Obviously a dog doesn't understand our verbal language, be it English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Tagalog, etc. What the dog does understand is body language. That's the basis of our training technique. We think like a dog to understand how a dog will learn best. So we start with teaching the commands through body language.

Once your dog learns the visual commands, we then add the verbal command thus forming a connection between the two. We'll use both the verbal and visual command for a period of time and then eventually drop the visual so your dog will respond only to the verbal. This way the dog completely understands what is being asked of him or her. 

Our H12.11 training system has a 100% success rate. That’s why we confidently back our training with 100% guaranteed success or your money back.



We offer 2 ways to train your dog, Private Classes and a Board-and-Train program.

Dogs learn by repetition, just like we do. In a private class you will provide the repetition for your dog with the help from our trainers. In a board and train, you will leave us the dog and we will train them for you! When your dog comes back they can be trained up to obedience level 3! We then give you private training once a week until you are able to communicate with your dog just as we do. We will NOT let you go until you are able to speak “dog!” The private classes are taught in 3 levels, Obedience 1 is your "on leash" training, Obedience 2 is the beginning of “off-leash” training, and Obedience 3 is advanced “off-leash” training.  Each of the training classes is 8 weeks in length with a 30 minute session per week. Each class builds on the previous lessons and the training is for the owner as well as the dog.

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