Training that works - or your money back!

We believe that every dog - regardless of size, breed, or temperament - is trainable. But dogs learn in their own individual way. Our training system H12.11 pinpoints the motivation that works for your dog to establish communication and make training successful. The best way for you to communicate with your dog is in a "language" your dog understands. This is not English or any other verbal language. 

After explaining in depth to you how dogs learn we will teach you and your dog the basic fundamentals to give your training a solid foundation.

  • Potty Training/House Breaking - how to prevent such behaviors such as Mouthing, Biting Nipping, Jumping up, Barking, Chewing, Separation Anxiety, and Chasing
  • How to Properly Socialize your Puppy
  • Puppy Behavior Management
  • Crate Training
  • Destructive Behavior Management
  • Pack Structure Rules
  • Leave It
  • Go to Place
  • Down
  • Sit
  • Info on Grooming, Health, & Nutrition
  • "Back" (OB1 Only)
  • Heel (Walk on a Loose Leash)
  • "Stay" Duration (OB1 Only)
  • Focus and Obey Commands with Distractions
  • Come on Command (Recall)
  • Charge the Mark
  • Follow a Lure
  • Touch
  • How and When to Discipline your dog
  • Proper techniques for correcting your dog that DO NOT harm your dog
  • Training Collar Optimization Training (TCOT, OB1)



These basics are more than commands. They are a way you will create a new bond between you and your dog as the doors of communication are opened wide. With this newfound communication, you'll find that you'll gain leadership and respect from your four-legged friend and allow you to lavish them with love. 

Class options

        Private Classes

          Prices subject to change without notice!

Obedience I (Basic on-leash) 8 weeks - $699.95

Obedience II (Beginning off-leash) 8 weeks - $699.95

Obedience III (Advanced off-leash) - 8 weeks - $699.95

Obedience 4 (*Specialty/dog sport)- TBD*/TBD*   

Dog Sport- Agility, AKC Obedience, Ring Sports, Schutzhund, etc.

Puppy Class is for puppies up to 6 months (24 weeks) of age. We meet once a week for 1 hour.

Prices subject to change without notice!

We include all necessary materials to train your doggie. (Leash, Harness, Touch Pad and Treat pouch. Including treats! (Taste of the Wild dry kibble) *If your dog doesn't like these treats, you will have to supply their treats. 

Puppy Class - 6 weeks - $274.95 *specifically for 18-22 weeks old

Puppy Class - 8 weeks - $299.95 *for puppies up to 16 weeks

Puppy Class - 10 weeks - $324.95 *for puppies 14-15 weeks old

Puppy Class - 12 weeks - $349.95 *for puppies 12-13 weeks old

Puppy Class - 13-16 weeks - $399.95 *for puppies 7-11 weeks old

Extra Individual/Group Puppy Classes - $35.00 each

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  When choosing a class you should note that the more classes the better you and your dog will be. Dogs learn by repetition just like we do. Also, when choosing a class it is important to remember that just like you can't Take Back a bad can't Take Back bad dog training either! We stand behind our work and guarantee it 100%

*prices subject to change without notice