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The best most effective training that is easy for everyone to understand and complete.

With our H12.11 Training System we have tapped into something that works for EVERY dog and EVERY human. Our H12.11 Training System is based on communication and allows us to communicate clearly and effectively to the dog in their very own language. Just like you are reading this and understanding the words, so will your dog understand what you are asking of them. Can you imagine what your dog will do if they were able to understand what you are asking of them? The answer is "anything you ask!" 

We will teach you how to prevent such behaviors such as Mouthing, Biting Nipping, Jumping up, Barking, Chewing, Separation Anxiety, and Chasing. We will also help you Potty Train/Housebreak your puppy.

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Give us your dog and we'll give you a friend for life!

Here at Bay Area Family K9 Training we believe that no dog is "untrainable" or too difficult to train. It breaks our heart to see the number of dogs euthanized each year because their owners simply gave up. We want to minimize dog euthanasia by providing the best, most effective training. Our passion drives us and the result is and impressive track record of success.

No two dogs are alike - that is what makes them so lovable. Like humans, each dog learns in its own unique way and at its own pace. Our goal is to create a line of communication with the dog in the dogs own language. This creates the most efficient and productive training you've ever seen, thus yielding a well-trained and happy dog who will be your friend for life!

your dog will learn all the basics including the following:

  • "Back" (OB1 Only)
  • Heel (Walk on a Loose Leash)
  • "Stay" Duration (OB1 Only)
  • Focus and Obey Commands with Distractions
  • Come on Command (Recall)
  • Charge the Mark
  • Follow a Lure
  • Touch
  • How and When to Discipline your dog
  • Proper techniques for correcting your dog that DO NOT harm your dog
  • Training Collar Optimization Training (TCOT, OB1)
  • Potty Training/House Breaking - how to prevent such behaviors such as Mouthing, Biting Nipping, Jumping up, Barking, Chewing, Separation Anxiety, and Chasing
  • How to Properly Socialize your Puppy
  • Puppy Behavior Management
  • Crate Training
  • Destructive Behavior Management
  • Pack Structure Rules
  • Leave It
  • Go to Place
  • Down
  • Sit
  • Info on Grooming, Health, & Nutrition

AND MUCH, MUCH MORE! For more about our training click here.

What We Offer:

Board & Train Programs

Private Classes

Obedience Level 1-4

Puppy Training and Socialization


Group Classes

Behavior Modification

Protection Sports




Safe Enviornment Dog Day Care (coming soon)